The Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is about standing up on a board and moving on the water while rowing with a paddle.  The Stand Up can be carried out: in the waves, in the lagoon (stroll, outing or racing) and in the river.

This sport was born in the 1960s in Hawaii.  The surf instructors used these boards and this technique to supervise people who were learning to surf.  It was very quickly caught up with the arrival of short boards.  It came back to the forefront during a competition in Hawaii, organised in 2004.

This sport is the « nature alternative » of gyms: In one week discover unmatched muscular sensation. At the rate of one hour 3 times per week, you will workout all the muscular groups, the proprioception and cardio, all of this in a dream setting.



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Since it’s creation, the Slingshot brand made its name from the high quality of there products. Previously the brand was targeting the elite fro the products, now they have come out with kites that are designed for the general public.

The kites are at the same time very stable, ultra resistant and have ultimate precision unequaled by other competitors. Every trial is a revelation, a reference of fluidity in sense of permanent control.
These Kites give you confidence and invites you to dare you limits every session.

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