Our Educational Commitment

If you are detail-oriented and you are looking to know the intricacies of this sport to be the able to push your technical limits even further, you can count on us!
We will assist you at all levels of progression in a straightforward and efficient approach…
Freestyle, speed, waves, strapless kiting or kiting in light winds and specific kite settings for all wind conditions.


The Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is about standing up on a board and moving on the water while rowing with a paddle.  The Stand Up can be carried out: in the waves, in the lagoon (stroll, outing or racing) and in the river.

This sport was born in the 1960s in Hawaii.  The surf instructors used these boards and this technique to supervise people who were learning to surf.  It was very quickly caught up with the arrival of short boards.  It came back to the forefront during a competition in Hawaii, organised in 2004.

This sport is the « nature alternative » of gyms: In one week discover unmatched muscular sensation. At the rate of one hour 3 times per week, you will workout all the muscular groups, the proprioception and cardio, all of this in a dream setting.



SLINGSHOT offers a revolutionary product to learn and progress safely.

The “short” foil already allows us to practise in the lagoon but above all to discover the sport in a playful and fun way as being much more tolerant.

This system of adaptable mat length (3 lengths) gives access to the discovery of foil. This is exactly the product that we were lacking to open the first stages in optimal conditions.


Discover the monstrous force of the Mauritius island waves and learn to manage all the natural and technical parameters to play with this moving element.

Wave riding lessons have a very special characteristic, technically oriented (directional board, small kite, strapless board…) and towards the education of the wave (reading, timing, anticipation, respecting the priorities, managing the external parameters)

The wave are abundant in Mauritius including those of Le Morne : Oneye, Chameau, Little reef, Manawa.


Only upon request, the boat will allow you to access the “sandbank” spots to make the most of a much less frequented quiet space.

This product enables you to get away from the overcrowding of the kite lagoon and enjoy an area free from obstacles.

The boat can be used for :

– Navigating only among friends or family,
– Assistance and/or safety,
– Doing photo shooting,
– Navigating downwind without fear of damage,
– Going on trips around these relatives to watch them navigating closely, etc

Our Professional References

Yoann opened the Yoaneye Kite Centre in 2006 in the south west of the island of Mauritius, equipped with a diploma and 18 years of experience in actively teaching board sports such as windsurfing, skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, kitesurfing and snowkiting.

LogoAFKiteSchool Code: 30902

Yoaneye Kite Centre is a school listed by French labels “AF Kite” and “Pro Kite Centre” which furthermore covers us in terms of professional liability thanks to our partnership with Air Courtage Assurances. Click on the logo above and enter the school code for your online subscription to AF KITE insurance.


The Slingshot products are 30% cheaper in Mauritius than any other country.

Since it’s creation, the Slingshot brand made its name from the high quality of there products. Previously the brand was targeting the elite fro the products, now they have come out with kites that are designed for the general public.

The kites are at the same time very stable, ultra resistant and have ultimate precision unequaled by other competitors. Every trial is a revelation, a reference of fluidity in sense of permanent control.
These Kites give you confidence and invites you to dare your limits every session.

It’s a pleasure to ride with this brand and being able to make you experience it.


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