B2 Trainer Instructional video


Learning to Kiteboarding with the Slingshot B2 Trainer Kite You are serious about learning to kiteboard, watch out this video! Slingshot’s B2 is the original trainer kite that started it all. Getting the right start is the most important aspect of learning to kiteboard, and for almost everyone this means starting with a trainer kite. You can fly your B2 anywhere with wind and open space. It works great on land, grass, at the beach or even on snow. No water needed. Learn basic kite skills safely and at your own pace, save time and money, develop an understanding of the wind and what a kite will do in it. Be able to share the fun of kite flying with others, for years to come!!  

Glide 2017 featured2


Carlos Mario going massive on the 2017 Vision! With a rocker profile in between the Asylum and the Misfit, the Vision is Slingshots signature freestyle-freeride crossover board designed for riders who want one board they can ride aggressively in all conditions. The Vision’s distinct NACA tech laser-cut channeling on the tip and tail yield increased board speed and help lock in the board for added grip, load and pop. From chop, swell and rough open water to glassy slicks and high-flying freestyle, the Vision is a one-board-quiver that won’t hold you back as you take your riding to the next level. You’ll love the Vision if you’re an intermediate to advanced rider who wants a solid all-around board you can ride aggressively in a variety of conditions, from big boosting…

Winsurf foil final


Foiling and Windfoiling is so efficient that it will blow away old wind minimums. If you are a windsurfer looking to foil, you have most likely spent years mastering one of the greatest watersports around. Being a proficient windsurfer automatically puts you into an elite community. As a member of the windsurfing club, you’re invited to forever change windsurfing. Experience Quite Flight! Total communion with the wind, body and mind… all above the water. With our new Hover Glide modular foil system you can do it your way for Kite, Surf, Wake, Windsurfing, and SUP opening doors to new possibilities. Once you learn to foil…you’re a foiler. Crossing your new foil skills over to another sport is now totally possible, and a lot easier than you may know. Getting a…

Slingshot Kite 2017_RPM Tech


The RPM returns for 2017 carrying the reputation as one of the greatest kites every produced. From beginners who want a responsive kite with easy relaunch and great depower, to weekend warriors who want to boost big, to world-class competitors like Youri Zoon and Carlos Mario, never before has one kite appealed to so many different types of riders. The Open-C shape that provides the perfect combination of explosive power and pop, big boosts, solid unhooked riding and high-performance handling with user-friendly characteristics like easy relaunch, big range and depower, responsive steering and solid upwind ability. Slingshot Kiteboarding 2017 – The RPM Standard You’ll love the RPM if you want the ultimate freeride-freestyle crossover kite that you can progress with but will never outgrow.  

Denis Brogniart 150217


Denis Brogniart, french sport journalist and television host, has honoured us and the pleasure of coming to learn kite in our structure… See you very soon for the next ride !!! Un très grand merci pour ce stage de kite surf @DurinYoann un vrai régal dans le lagon du morne à L'ILE maurice. — Denis Brogniart (@DenisBrogniart) February 20, 2017

wakefoiler tip of the week

2017 WAKE – WATCH!

WAKEFOILER TIP OF THE WEEK: LONG LINE + SHORT MAST = SUCCESS! Learning to foil has been an absolute blast for everyone at our offices and re-invigorated us all with that excitement of the first time doing something totally new. We’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along the way and are excited to share our discoveries with you so you can find the easiest path to success. Tip #1: Long Line + Short Mast! Start with the 15-inch mast and a FULL LENGTH ROPE. Avoid the wake and the turbulence behind the center of the boat. The flats are the best place to start at slow speeds anywhere from 10-14 mph depending on the riders weight… Watch step by step learning for all aspects of foiling | taught…

Slingshot_Sam Light England


Travel with Sam on his home turf Grab a cup of tea and some biscuits, take a seat and join Slingshot rider and English gentleman Sam Light as he gives us a unique glimpse of his home waters. Although he travels the world as one of kiteboarding’s elite, there’s nothing quite like setting out on adventure through the quaint countryside and rugged coastline of Sam Light’s England. Watch Sam In Action!  

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MARIO + RPM win World Title Carlos Mario’s dream of becoming a world champion has finally come true. With a final win in New Caledonia Dec. 14-20, the humble Brazilian prodigy and Slingshot team rider secured the inaugural World Kiteboarding League championship over a packed field of the best freestyle kiteboarders on the planet. Although a lifetime achievement for Mario, the win didn’t come as much of a surprise for the rest of the field, or anyone who had witnessed him compete throughout the series. Mario’s jaw-dropping amplitude and technical ability went unmatched by any other rider, and as the series went on, it became obvious that Mario was setting a new standard for the future of competitive freestyle kiteboarding. “When we talk about Carlos Mario, the reaction is always…



Slingshot Kiteboarding is excited to announce the addition of two very talented riders to its Global and National teams. For the first time in brand history, the two new riders are dedicated foilers, each with his own unique aptitude in this amazing new faction of our sport. Slingshot Welcomes – Adam Withington Leading the charge on our elite Global team is the awe-inspiring Adam Withington, who is at the absolute pinnacle of progressive freestyle and big air foiling. Watch one minute of Adam in action and it’s easy to see why he is credited with singlehandedly redefining what is possible with a foil. His innovative style and pioneering spirit is a perfect match for team Slingshot and we’re proud to welcome him to the team. Slingshot Kiteboarding – Welcome to…