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Our kite school is located on the Morne peninsula in the south west of the island. The Morne site is a beautiful spot to learn and practice this extreme sport. This spot reunites perfect conditions, from the wind, the warm shallow turquoise bleu water, sunshine all year round and the nice waves. This Spot is absolute perfection, the sportsman’s Paradis, the Mecca of riders, the Eldorado of kitesurfers… Beginners or Pro, you will find the perfect conditions to learn or to ride!

For beginners, you evolve in a reassuring and secure place that is protected and in shallow waters!!

For the confirmed riders, the playground is massive and unlimited…
You are caring about detail and eager to know more about this activity to push your technical limits futher… You can count on us, We will follow you at all levels of progression in the simplest ways possible with great efficiency…
Freestyling, the Speed, the Waves, Strapless navigation or even weak wind navigation and specific kite adjustments in all wind conditions…

Dream… you are taken care of!

Offer yourself the best Kite surfing experience in Mauritius. You will save your precious time!!!

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Everything on kite surfing you need to know

How to choose the right equipment

We are the official distributor of Slingshot for Mauritius and Reunion Island, we are glad to be able to supply you with these equipments for the school, for renting and offer the sale of new models every year.

The Slingshot products are 30% cheaper in Mauritius than any other country.

Since it’s creation, the Slingshot brand made its name from the high quality of there products. Previously the brand was targeting the elite fro the products, now they have come out with kites that are designed for the general public.

The kites are at the same time very stable, ultra resistant and have ultimate precision unequaled by other competitors. Every trial is a revelation, a reference of fluidity in sense of permanent control.
These Kites give you confidence and invites you to dare you limits every session.

It’s a pleasure to ride with this brand and being able to make you experience it.

Available also for renting.

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About the Morne Spot

Kite surfing is practiced in 2 different sites : The “Kite Lagoon” that is ideally for lessons, supervision and the first jumps.
This beach is situated at the bottom of the mountain. The mountain and the beach belongs to UNESCO. This creates a splendide site that is protected and free from construction. This spot is onshore winds, ideal for beginners and freestylers, and will stun you of it’s easy conditions!

For the Pros, the spot is at “the Point”. This beach will give you easy access to the various waves, like Manawa, Oneye, Chameau, FineCurl and many more little areas inside the reef. The wind direction is side shore, and perfect for freestylers and wave riders, it will leave stunned once again by its diversity!



For the residents of the Dinarobin Hotel, a free ferry boat will be available 7 days a week from 9am and 5pm between the hotel and the different beaches as well as the kite surf spots. Free kite initiation is offered to children between the ages of 6 and 12 years old.


As from October 2013, permanent security will be available between 09h30 and 17h30 at La Pointe of Le Morne. A Zodiac boat of 6.5metres, equipped with 2 x 90 horsepower motors will watch over you in the lagoon as well as behind the reef.


José Garcia refined his kite on the turquoise waters of Morne. Had a nice time, surfing and surf Strapp Less strapp less! Result, pure moments of gliding techniques and sensational…